Healthy Vida

Healthy Vida is the brand name for health and nutrition supplements under the NG Brands created by Trunited founder, Dr. Nicolas Porter, to provide the Trunited user with an exceptional value, performance and earn back opportunity that other brands could not provide.

Healthy Vida is a health and nutrition supplement brand that delivers quality at half the price and double the earnings.  With its main staple multi-vitamin, The Power Pack Daily, Healthy Vida provides a gluten-free multi-vitamin, multi-mineral and brain boost line up of ingredients that boasts 22 fruit and veggie whole food concentrates.  This concoction of ingredients is rare at the price point below $50.  In addition, the Healthy Vida brand rewards consumers with up to 60% earn back and puts Healthy Vida at the top of the charts in value for the everyday consumer.  The Power Pack Daily is the platform’s Best-Selling product and a core staple of Trunited’s TruBox Club.  In addition to the multi-vitamin, the high-quality probiotic called Healthy Vida Power Pro-9B, is a Trunited Best Seller.

The name Healthy Vida comes from Healthy and the Spanish word “Vida” which means “Life” and is pronounced “Vee-Dah.”  Healthy Life.

Brand Tagline:  Healthy Mind.  Healthy Body.  Healthy Vida.

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“I can’t forget to take my Healthy Vida in the morning with breakfast.”


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