Quality Over Quantity

So you’re building your business and you’re hungry for results.

You’ve started scheduling several people to reach out to each and every day and you’re piling up numbers. But then you look at your results and are underwhelmed. How did you add twenty people last month and not reach Pacesetter? You really want to match points on three levels and more!

If this scenario describes you, it’s likely you’re too focused on quantity and not focused enough on quality.The good news is this is an easy fix.

First, let’s take a look at what it means to be a Pacesetter:

You’re not just connecting a bunch of people, you’re connecting people who do steps 1 and 2. Signing someone up who doesn’t set up a TruBox doesn’t count towards your goal.

To be a Pacesetter, you just need six people who are invested. The way to get them invested? Don’t be a recruiter…be a sponsor. Connect them with a leader. Help get them to the webinars. Make sure you’re as interested in helping them succeed as you are in helping yourself succeed. Because here’s the thing: Your path to success depends on them being successful.

Check out how you continue to move up levels:

All the way up to level eight, you only need six people in your front line. Now, if you have fifty people there is a chance six of them will turn out to be stars. Your better path? Find people who are hungry and sponsor them. Help them shine. Go through big numbers of people not to casually connect big numbers. Instead, schedule several people each day so you can find those difference-makers who want to change their lives as much as you do. Then, work with them to build something special for everyone!

Once you get this concept down, not only will you move up levels, you’ll naturally start to build quantity because of that quality. It’s the best way to build big.