The Trunited Difference

Trunited is unique.

This isn’t your grandparents’ business, or your parents’ business, or even your much older siblings’ business. (Although the system is so simple, they may all make great Trunited Business Owners!)

This opportunity is different in so many ways. Here are just a few:

Profit vs. Commissions –

Trunited is the only company you’re going to find that pays 100% of its profits back to its members. It’s a unique formula where everyone who participates gets paid what they put in.

Too often in business, particularly with direct sales, those doing the work are given commissions that are a small percentage of the profit so that executives, founders and shareholders can reap the benefits. In Trunited, everyone is a pointholder, and the leaders make money the same way everyone else does. Equal input means equal output.

Opportunity vs. Products –

Trunited offers some amazing products, but the secret formula for success is not product-dependent. This business is all about you. It’s about you helping yourself reach time and financial independence and about you being able to help others do the same. This ideal is represented throughout the community, where a culture of self-improvement is cultivated and skills are taught for free.

Leadership vs. Sales –

The key to success with most direct sales companies is to unload as much product as possible. Here, the goal is to develop as many leaders as possible. You’re not here to sell. You buy a product for yourself, you learn from great leaders, and you eventually become a leader yourself. Then, it’s all about helping other people become leaders.

Commitment vs. Hype –

This system is built to last. We’re not looking for overnight successes who will then move on to the next opportunity because there was never a solid foundation in the first place. This business is all about relationships. It’s about building a lasting foundation that will sustain itself over decades. Hype is fine for a few weeks, but Trunited is about substance.

One Team vs. Downlines –

You’re in business FOR yourself, not BY yourself. Trunited has a “Give to Grow” mentality. Nobody is competing against each other. Instead, it’s about competing together for the most overall success. You’ll find very quickly that you don’t need to be on someone’s “team” in order to get help from them, because all of Trunited is one team.

Disruption vs. Same Thing, Different Day –

The entire vision of Trunited was to disrupt the direct sales industry. The system was designed to take the pain points of network marketing and fix each one so that it could be harnessed for good. The result? Industry disruption. This is a vehicle designed so that anyone can build a lasting business. This is a system designed to reward everyone, not a select few.

Trunited stands for Truth, Trust, Taking Action, Teamwork, and Total Commitment.

Thanks to Trunited, we stand together TRULY UNITED, and it makes all the difference.