The Truth in Business

Sometimes, the change you need comes from speaking the truth.

When you can be honest with yourself and clear to those close to you and new to you, amazing things happen.

The Truth and You

There is nobody in the world that is easier to lie to than yourself. Fortunately, you’re also the easiest person to be honest with when you set your mind to it.

What is your inner dialogue like right now? Are you striving to be better? If you want to be and do better, are you being honest with yourself on how your actions match your goals?

You are the only person in charge of your inner dialogue. When you’re able to start telling yourself the truth with consistency and then acting on that truth, remarkable things will happen for you.

The Truth and Those Close to You –

Don’t ask for permission. Declare your intentions.

You are a business owner now. Let those you care about know.

State the importance of your business, explain who you’re in business with, and set your expectations. Let those in your life know what you’re doing and make it clear you’re looking for support, not opinions.

This is a big step toward success, but keep this in mind: Once you declare your intentions, you have to put in the work to back it up!

The Truth and Those New to You –

The main thing to remember when talking to new people is that THIS IS YOUR BUSINESS. You didn’t join something, and you’re not selling to them. You have started your own business and you are building. Be passionate and be honest. Share your story and your goals.

Communicate how serious you are and that you acknowledge their time and your time is valuable. That business posture is key, so you should truly understand it. In order to help with that, here’s everything you need to know about posture in business, courtesy of last week’s TruEntrepreneurs: