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Priceline Travel – A term used to describe the member deals access that saves users up to 60% with earnings of 10% in profit points. Also known as Trunited Travel or the Priceline Exclusive Deal.

“Trunited Travel has saved me thousands this year in travel. It’s the best option for hotels on the internet, and it isn’t close!”


(Make sure to sign in to your Trunited account first, and make sure to enter the code: trunited.)

Priceline Travel, through Trunited, offers the lowest hotel prices you can find AND rewards you with profit points. Get paid to live life…anywhere you want to go!

Thanks to our Priceline Exclusive Deal, Trunited members get access to hotel deals offering savings up to 50% while also earning 10% in profit points.

What do you do now when you need a hotel?

Chances are, you go online and search for the best deal. There are seemingly hundreds of sites dedicated to this particular service, but in the end they generally result in the same price.

Well, take that price and slash it by 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 55% or more and you have Trunited’s travel perks through Priceline.

(We’ve even seen it go higher than 80% on some occasions!)

Not only does Trunited offer the best hotel prices by far, but you also get patented Trunited earnings, up to 10% with every booking. Powered by Priceline, with a large variety of hotel options in virtually every big city across the world, this is the only smart option when booking your next stay.

We’d say it’s worth the cost of joining Trunited all by itself, but there is no cost in joining Trunited!

So book a hotel today, tell your friends, and watch the smiles roll in. It’s just one of many opportunities through Trunited that every shopper should use.


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