Two Sentences That Will Change Your Life

“Now go get good.”

That was the mantra after James Wood delivered what many are hailing as “the best training ever.”

You have everything you need to succeed. Now go get good!
Of course, the way to get good is by going out and actually having conversations. There’s no replacement for experience. But, while, you’re bound to make mistakes like anyone just starting a new business, you have everything perfectly outlined for you to start having those conversations.

James Wood explained the two sentences that will change your life, and they are right there in the script on the Trunited Launch Page.

“Are you open?”

This sentence is huge because we already know the answer: “Sure. Depends what it is.”

Make a huge list of everyone you could possibly contact, and don’t rule out people who intimidate you with their success. The reality is you’d be surprised at who needs help and who is open to new opportunities for income. So reach out to everyone, and simply ask them if they are open to finding that additional stream of income.

When they ask what the opportunity is, that’s when the second sentence that will change your life comes into play.

“There’s a good friend of mine who is working directly with one of Amazon’s top sellers, and they’re literally teaching people FOR FREE how to generate an extra stream of income from home with just one inexpensive item found on Amazon.”

  That’s the magical line. Memorize it word for word so you can say it comfortably and naturally. Once you know it like the back of your hand, you can add little things like “top 1% globally” or “out of Denver” and work it into your casual conversation.

Then, it’s just about getting them on a Zoom, in a conversation with a leader, or scheduling a time for them to watch the home page video.

To learn more, and to understand this concept better, there’s no substitute for actually watching the brilliant training from James Wood. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT. The advanced training starts roughly 41 minutes into the call.